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Mengharumkan dapur.Pada kebiasannya pada bahagian dapur ini akan berbau yang kurang menyenangkan,terutamanya apabila anda menyiang ikan.Bagi mengatasi masalah ini,rebuslah beberapa keping kayu manis,bunga cengkih dan cuka biasa.Kemudian sembur atau lapkan air rebusan itu pada kabinet,jubin dan sekitar dapur.Ia berkesan bagi menghilangkan bau hanyir serta bau kuat yang lain


Selasa, 7 Julai 2009

Mom's budget tips to style

Being a mom with a three kids. I have great tips for you all! I will help you maximize your stlye on a budget.

First, set goals and save. Give allowance to your self and watch your money grow. I watched my monies grow and grow and loved it that I did it more and more.

It may be challenging to stay in style while on a budget.

Second, shop consignment! It' the best. While cleaning your closet you can stay in style and shop for less. Best of all you may not have to pay for a dime. I enjoy shopping clearance on a budget that is also how I maximize my style.

I get the best reviews about my cute clothes all the times and they don't even know I went shopping at a consignment shop. So search for your nearest consignment shop. I love those big department stores. They can really give you style for your buck. Shop clearance.

The money I save each month with adding five to ten dollars in my Ms. piggy bank it's so exciting! I might even get to enjoy a vacation this summer with my kids. Think big! Think style!

Believe me picking up those pennies on the streets are so wonderful, Hey 100 of them ,right girls, they add up. They are many ways to award your self. The benefit of this all we come out in style and still our budget has been met. So award your self and shop for miss piggy (BANK).. Treat her with a dollar today and enjoy your great reward in just a week.

Treat your self and take a ride down to the dollar store . Buy Miss piggy bank, name her, and treat her or him. Add a dollar each day or each week. You can stop sobbering and start shopping style with a dollar. Don't forget to open up those yellow pages and shop consignment where you can shop style while helping one another out.


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