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Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

Simple makeup tips for busy women

Busy schedules can make time our biggest enemy. After all, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Make up can be something that you feel you don't have the time for. Whether you are a woman who can't leave the house without make up or someone who would like to incorporate it into your daily schedule, there are a lot of simple make up tips that can take a few minutes and have you looking great.

Health and Skin Care.

It should be noted that a healthy lifestyle that includes a well balanced diet, lots of water, and exercise is the first step in having great skin and a great look. Even making healthier choices starting today can help a lot. You should also have a daily skin care regimen that includes a cleanser that meets your specific needs and at least a moisturizer. Adding a toner can also be very helpful. You should always start your day by cleansing your skin and moisturizing before you put your make up on. You should also remove all your make up and moisturize before bed.

The Foundation.

They call foundation just that because it is the base where all of your make up begins. You have a lot of options and a few of them can be quick for starting the base for all your make up. First, if you have a good even skin tone without blemishes or without a lot of blemishes then a tinted moisturizer will be a quick and easy foundation. You won't need anything heavier then that. If you have more uneven skin tones then choosing a foundation with more coverage is a good idea. You can choose a liquid, a powder, mousse foundation (my personal favorite), or mineral foundation (another one I like as long as I won't be sweating then it gets a pasty look). Choosing your foundation is often a matter of trial and error to find out what works well for your skin, your coloring, and your tastes. It is best to choose your colors carefully and to blend well making sure you don't have lines along the side of your face. You should also sweep it under your eyes and even get a dab on your eyelids for good coverage. If you have moist or oily skin you may also want to finish and set your make up with a loose powder.


If you are one who isn't prone to blemishes then you are blessed. However, if you are one who has to have a little extra cover to conceal problem areas then now is the time to add just a dab to your problem spots. Gently blend into your foundation and continue on your way.

Bronzer or Blush.

The next step is to add a sweep of beautiful

color. You can choose a traditional blush or a more modern sun kissed look with a bronzer. Apply according to the type to the apples of the cheeks and other high points on your face. You can also use this as a fresh and easy color for your eyes. It will add the perfect amount of color without a lot of work or a lot of fuss.


For fresh and natural looks you can skip eye shadow and liner and simply add a dab of bronzer or blush to your eye lids.If you want more drama then you can work with your favorite eye shadows. Brush darker colors along the base of the eyelid and on the ridge of the bone. Then finish it off with lighter colors to your brow. This way you can work quickly and have a great look. Most people don't need eye liner, but if you desire a bolder look have at it with a quick sweep along the lash lines with an eye liner pencil.


Most of us need at least a little work on our lashes. Mascara is the perfect way to get this. You can choose a brown for a fresh and natural look or go a little darker for more dramatic eyes.


To finish your fast and easy look you will want to color your lips. Here you have a ton of options. For fresh and natural go with a tinted lip gloss that will add some flash and some drama, but won't get too dark. For a bolder look choose your favorite lipstick. Remember to stick it in your purse for a quick application throughout the day.

Your make up can take a matter of moments. Start with a quick sweep of foundation, any concealer you need, and a blush or bronzer. This can be an almost finished look for a fresh and natural feel. Or you can add bolder looks with eyeshadow and or liner. Finish your great look with a dab of mascara and a good lip color. All in all, you can be done in ten minutes!


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