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Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

Slim your belly the correct way

What your personal trainer has not told you about losing belly fat can leave you frustrated with less than average results. The label on the back of your latest diet pill guaranteed you flatter abs, but never told you that instead you can actually be harmed and still in want of a toned middle.

Millions of people may in fact be satisfied with their over-all body shape but when it comes to getting a flat mid-section, they are completely at a lost as to how they can effectively target that problematic area.

Here is the "flat out" truth about getting flatter abs.

Any type of pill that says things like - "Lose the flab in hours with no work." Don't buy into that hype. This comes with a high price, minimal results, and damage to over-all health, as most of those pills contain very harsh stimulants. Besides that, they don't truly work for the average Joe or Jane.

To begin with, if you really want to get rid of abdominal fat, you're going to have to take an "all over" approach.

HOW? This is simply done by decreasing body fat overall. It
is biologically and mathematically impossible to lose abdominal fat
ALONE, particularly without consistent physical activity.

Here is what you should know:
1) Your body ultimately is the determining factor on "where"
fat will go and "how" it will be removed. The credit for
this goes to something we all have genetics.

2) Due to biomechanics, the midsection or abdominal area
of your body is the best place to store extra energy in the
form of fat.

3) Doing hundreds of crunches or taking certain herbs and potions alone is not going to remove fat from the belly, opposed to another body part.
There are fat cells throughout the body.

4) Males tend to lose body fat in this order: first, it will come
off your face, then arms and legs. Next, it will come off
your upper body then the buttocks. Typically, to be considered toned in this area, a man should not allow his midsection to go over 40".

5) Women will tend to lose fat on the buttocks and hips last.
To be considered toned in this area, a woman should not allow her
mid-section to exceed 35". For both males and females, abdominal fat is generally the last fat to get rid of.

Being aware of this process can alleviate unrealistic expectations when it comes to losing belly fat or fat in general. When you focus on getting lean all over and use the correct methods; inevitably a toned mid-section will abound.

Taking an all-over approach entails selecting and having a regular intake of foods that are power-packed with nutrition in a synergistic balance of good fats, protein and moderate carbs.

Regular and consistent "physical activity", COMBINED with good nutrition is a must in order to decrease body fat overall.

Then too, there are many non-surgical, safe alternative methods for decreasing fat cells throughout the body to achieve a leaner body including flat abs. Find out what they are and immediately implement them into your everyday lifestyle!

Most importantly, remember that fat will NOT just magically disappear from one particular place on the body just because you rubbed something on, or you popped a wonder pill.

On the other hand, when you go back to basics while exploring alternative methods, you will always get better than average results every time!


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