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Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

Don't mess with your hair

Most people don't realise that washing your hair the wrong way can cause a great deal of damage. Hair is most fragile when it is wet, so the constant pulling and touching of wet hair during washing can seriously weaken the hair.

The key to protecting the hair when it is wet is to minimize movement of the hair itself. This will help to keep the cuticle flat and undamaged, resulting in shinier healthier, stronger hair.

Always wash your hands before you wash your hair; I know that sounds obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people forget this. If you have dirty hands and you touch your hair, you are transferring the dirt from your hands to your hair.

The following is a guide to washing your hair your hair the right way:

Step one-Choose the right shampoo and conditioner.

It is important to select the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Your aim is to strike the right balance between washing away excess oil and dirt, yet still leaving the hair soft and manageable. You don't want to strip the hair of all oils, nor do you want it to feel heavy and weighed down with product. It can take a good deal of experimentation to find the products that work best for you. However as a general guide fine hair tends to benefit from light herbal products, dry hair needs hydrating products, oily hair benefits from an alcohol free sebum cleanser ,and if you suffer from dandruff you might need an anti dandruff shampoo.

Step two-Get the timing right

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to hair washing frequency; this is highly dependent on your hair type and lifestyle. If you go to the gym, or perform tasks that work up a sweat you will probably need to wash your hair more frequently than those who simply perform light duties in a climate controlled office. Fine hair and oily hair typically benefit from daily washing, but dry hair reacts better to only being washed every few days. Try to wash your hair when it seems oily at the roots and lank, rather then simply washing it daily out of habit.

Step three-Get brushing

Before you wash your hair it is beneficial to give it a thorough brush through. This will help loosen up dirt and dead skin cells ready for removal. It also helps to untangle the hair, which is important because you should never brush hair whilst it is dripping wet.

Step four-Get the hair wet

Hop under the shower and drench your hair in water. Hair needs to be fully wetted down to aid the task of massaging shampoo into the scalp. The water temperature should be warm, but not hot. Hot water can be aggravating on the scalp and cold water is not potent enough to remove oil and build up.

Step five-Apply the shampoo

Figure out where you need to wash. Do you have greasy roots and dry ends? Then only apply shampoo to the roots, the rest of the hair will be cleansed when the shampoo is rinsed out.Rub a small amount of shampoo between the palms of your hands, smooth it over the hair.

Use the pads of your fingertips to massage under the hair to avoid roughing it up and causing tangles. The most important aspect is massaging it effectively into your scalp. You want to make sure it will remove dirt and oil, but take care to be gentle on the hair.

Step six-Rinse

Poor rinsing can lead to an irritated scalp and hair that looks lank. So make sure you thoroughly rinse out the hair for at least two minutes. Bath water is not clean enough for this task.

Step Seven-Condition

When you wash your hair, evenly gently, you still rough up the cuticle. Conditioning helps encourage the cuticle to lie flat again. Most people simply need to apply conditioner to the mid lengths to ends of their hair.

I recently found out that conditioners use quite a lot of science, I won't bore you with too many details, but they do more than simply moisturise your hair. Conditioners contain positively charged cationic molecules that are attracted to negatively charged areas of damaged hair.

Step eight-Final rinse

Conditioner also needs to be washed out well; otherwise the hair is likely to lack body. A final rinse in only cold water will further help the cuticle to lie flat and encourage the hair to shine.

After you complete your other cleansing duties in the shower, you are ready to emerge. Make sure you pat your hair dry or allow it to dry wrapped up in a towel, because rubbing and vigorous squeezing can damage the hair.

The same rule for shampoo applies to conditioner; choose one that is right for your hair. If you have greasy hair, stay away from anything too heavy or intensive, opt for a lighter conditioner specifically formulated for greasy hair. If you have dry hair, you will need something a little more heavy duty.

For a more intensive conditioning, you can apply your conditioner and then wrap your hair in a heated towel. This helps the conditioner to penetrate the shaft of the hair.

Smooth the conditioner onto your hair with the palms of your hands, making sure that you stroke the hair down, following the cuticle. Gently massage the conditioner into your hair and leave for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly, again, let the water run over your hair and gently massage until all of the conditioner has been rinsed away.

Step eight-Final rinse

Conditioner also needs to be washed out well; otherwise the hair is likely to lack body. A final rinse in only cold water will further help the cuticle to lie flat and encourage the hair to shine.

For shinier hair, you can always give your hair a final rinse in cold water. This is supposed to help the cuticle to lie flat.

After you complete your other cleansing duties in the shower, you are ready to emerge. Make sure you pat your hair dry or allow it to dry wrapped up in a towel, because rubbing and vigorous squeezing can damage the hair.

Get rid that bloated tummy..

Dread looking at your bloated tummy in the mirror every single day?

Having belly fats in your stomach not only reduces your self-esteem, but also, it can put your health at a much higher risk. Belly fats are in fact known to result in diabetes and cancer once they keep accumulating in your system.

Some of us rely too heavily on exercise equipments and diet pills just to get rid of those fats in the fastest way possible, but in actual fact, proper dieting and exercises are the key to belly fat reduction and a healthier you.

Here are some healthy and favorable tips to guide you along on how you can get rid of those unwanted fats for good!

1. Remove all the daily bad habits that you as an individual can resort to, particularly smoking, alcoholism and stress. Too much of those could result in production of belly fats. Find other alternatives for relaxation such as listening to music or doing aerobics that promote physical and mental health.

2. Drink lots of plain water. Rather than drinking alcohol that would only further aggravate the accumulation of belly fats, drinking plain water can actually help cut down on the amount of belly fats.

3. Improve on your diet and focus on gaining more vitamins in your body. Include more fruits and vegetables as part of your diet as they contain dietary fiber that can aid in digestion of food and removal of wastes. As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Calcium is just as important, because it helps sustain the strength of your bones, thus preventing your body from slouching.

4. Exercise, exercise and exercise. A real good exercise can definitely burn those calories and fats. Start off with mild exercises like simple sit-ups that can reduce the fats on your stomach and fortify your muscles too.

5. Set a target date where you would be able to see positive outcomes. For instance, you can plan to lose three kilograms within six months, and aim for it from there. It may not be that easy at the beginning stages, but with much discipline and focus, it will all be a breeze.

6. Learn from the people who had actually succeeded in getting rid of belly fats. You would be even more inspired if you hear it all from yourself!

So remember, keep the faith, be positive, and be consistent in your healthy dieting and exercises. Rest assured, you can say goodbye to belly fats for the rest of your life!

Slim your belly the correct way

What your personal trainer has not told you about losing belly fat can leave you frustrated with less than average results. The label on the back of your latest diet pill guaranteed you flatter abs, but never told you that instead you can actually be harmed and still in want of a toned middle.

Millions of people may in fact be satisfied with their over-all body shape but when it comes to getting a flat mid-section, they are completely at a lost as to how they can effectively target that problematic area.

Here is the "flat out" truth about getting flatter abs.

Any type of pill that says things like - "Lose the flab in hours with no work." Don't buy into that hype. This comes with a high price, minimal results, and damage to over-all health, as most of those pills contain very harsh stimulants. Besides that, they don't truly work for the average Joe or Jane.

To begin with, if you really want to get rid of abdominal fat, you're going to have to take an "all over" approach.

HOW? This is simply done by decreasing body fat overall. It
is biologically and mathematically impossible to lose abdominal fat
ALONE, particularly without consistent physical activity.

Here is what you should know:
1) Your body ultimately is the determining factor on "where"
fat will go and "how" it will be removed. The credit for
this goes to something we all have genetics.

2) Due to biomechanics, the midsection or abdominal area
of your body is the best place to store extra energy in the
form of fat.

3) Doing hundreds of crunches or taking certain herbs and potions alone is not going to remove fat from the belly, opposed to another body part.
There are fat cells throughout the body.

4) Males tend to lose body fat in this order: first, it will come
off your face, then arms and legs. Next, it will come off
your upper body then the buttocks. Typically, to be considered toned in this area, a man should not allow his midsection to go over 40".

5) Women will tend to lose fat on the buttocks and hips last.
To be considered toned in this area, a woman should not allow her
mid-section to exceed 35". For both males and females, abdominal fat is generally the last fat to get rid of.

Being aware of this process can alleviate unrealistic expectations when it comes to losing belly fat or fat in general. When you focus on getting lean all over and use the correct methods; inevitably a toned mid-section will abound.

Taking an all-over approach entails selecting and having a regular intake of foods that are power-packed with nutrition in a synergistic balance of good fats, protein and moderate carbs.

Regular and consistent "physical activity", COMBINED with good nutrition is a must in order to decrease body fat overall.

Then too, there are many non-surgical, safe alternative methods for decreasing fat cells throughout the body to achieve a leaner body including flat abs. Find out what they are and immediately implement them into your everyday lifestyle!

Most importantly, remember that fat will NOT just magically disappear from one particular place on the body just because you rubbed something on, or you popped a wonder pill.

On the other hand, when you go back to basics while exploring alternative methods, you will always get better than average results every time!

Simple makeup tips for busy women

Busy schedules can make time our biggest enemy. After all, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Make up can be something that you feel you don't have the time for. Whether you are a woman who can't leave the house without make up or someone who would like to incorporate it into your daily schedule, there are a lot of simple make up tips that can take a few minutes and have you looking great.

Health and Skin Care.

It should be noted that a healthy lifestyle that includes a well balanced diet, lots of water, and exercise is the first step in having great skin and a great look. Even making healthier choices starting today can help a lot. You should also have a daily skin care regimen that includes a cleanser that meets your specific needs and at least a moisturizer. Adding a toner can also be very helpful. You should always start your day by cleansing your skin and moisturizing before you put your make up on. You should also remove all your make up and moisturize before bed.

The Foundation.

They call foundation just that because it is the base where all of your make up begins. You have a lot of options and a few of them can be quick for starting the base for all your make up. First, if you have a good even skin tone without blemishes or without a lot of blemishes then a tinted moisturizer will be a quick and easy foundation. You won't need anything heavier then that. If you have more uneven skin tones then choosing a foundation with more coverage is a good idea. You can choose a liquid, a powder, mousse foundation (my personal favorite), or mineral foundation (another one I like as long as I won't be sweating then it gets a pasty look). Choosing your foundation is often a matter of trial and error to find out what works well for your skin, your coloring, and your tastes. It is best to choose your colors carefully and to blend well making sure you don't have lines along the side of your face. You should also sweep it under your eyes and even get a dab on your eyelids for good coverage. If you have moist or oily skin you may also want to finish and set your make up with a loose powder.


If you are one who isn't prone to blemishes then you are blessed. However, if you are one who has to have a little extra cover to conceal problem areas then now is the time to add just a dab to your problem spots. Gently blend into your foundation and continue on your way.

Bronzer or Blush.

The next step is to add a sweep of beautiful

color. You can choose a traditional blush or a more modern sun kissed look with a bronzer. Apply according to the type to the apples of the cheeks and other high points on your face. You can also use this as a fresh and easy color for your eyes. It will add the perfect amount of color without a lot of work or a lot of fuss.


For fresh and natural looks you can skip eye shadow and liner and simply add a dab of bronzer or blush to your eye lids.If you want more drama then you can work with your favorite eye shadows. Brush darker colors along the base of the eyelid and on the ridge of the bone. Then finish it off with lighter colors to your brow. This way you can work quickly and have a great look. Most people don't need eye liner, but if you desire a bolder look have at it with a quick sweep along the lash lines with an eye liner pencil.


Most of us need at least a little work on our lashes. Mascara is the perfect way to get this. You can choose a brown for a fresh and natural look or go a little darker for more dramatic eyes.


To finish your fast and easy look you will want to color your lips. Here you have a ton of options. For fresh and natural go with a tinted lip gloss that will add some flash and some drama, but won't get too dark. For a bolder look choose your favorite lipstick. Remember to stick it in your purse for a quick application throughout the day.

Your make up can take a matter of moments. Start with a quick sweep of foundation, any concealer you need, and a blush or bronzer. This can be an almost finished look for a fresh and natural feel. Or you can add bolder looks with eyeshadow and or liner. Finish your great look with a dab of mascara and a good lip color. All in all, you can be done in ten minutes!

How to create that smokey eye

Smoky eyes are the little black dress of the make-up world; they look sexy and will never go out of fashion. The great thing about the smokey eye look is that once you master the art of application, you can be as creative as you like by using different colors. Here is a step-by-step guide to what you need and how to create the smoky eye look:

What you need:

- Black pencil (kohl) eyeliner

- Gray and black eye shadows (ideally you will have 2 shades of gray, one dark and one light)

Note: ensure that you are using powder eye shadows. Creamier textures will not work so well.

- Eyeshadow brush

- Blending brush

The principle: starting from the lash line and working your way upwards, smoky eyes are created by starting off with a dark color and working your way up to a lighter shade. The effect it gives is an intense color that fades out like a puff of smoke!

1. Prepare the eyes to make sure that the eyeshadow can be applied evenly and can be blended well. You can use a primer to do this if you wish, but a small amount of foundation is usually sufficient.

2. Using your eyeshadow brush and the black eyeshadow, apply a line of it across the bottom of your eye lid (the part closest to your lash line). The thickness of the line should be so that it covers approximately a quarter of the height of your eye lid.

3. Using your eyeshadow brush and the darkest grey eyeshadow, apply another line above the black one, ensuring that you do not go above the socket line (the natural crease).

You should now see two blocks of color which are distinct (not faded).

4. Using your blending brush, move it in gentle small circular motions on the powder. Start with the black part and work your way upwards, trying not to move the brush above the socket line. Try and do it so that the inner corner of your eye is darker than the outer corner.

The aim of blending is to merge the two colors together so that you cannot see where one ends and the other one starts. It also evens out the color and gives you control of which parts need to be darker than others. Blending is the most important part of the process, so invest your time in this step.

5. With a very small amount of black eyeshadow, move your eyeshadow brush along the socket line, ensuring that you do not go all the way to the inner corner of your eye. Use the blending brush to go over it so that the line is softened.

The effect of these steps should be that you see the dark colour gradually becoming lighter. More blending may be required on the outer corner of the eye lid, so make the gray/black slowly fade out.

If you have a lighter shade of gray eyeshadow, you can apply a very small amount to the center of the eye lid which will open the eyes up without compromising the smoky effect.

6. Finally finish off by applying a thin line of black eyeliner along the lash line (upper and bottom) and mascara on the eyelashes.

And there you have it! Now you can experiment with various shades of a different colour, or even with the blending of various colours.


It is good to develop your own sense of fashion style so that you have that sense of charisma which gives you an 'expensive' look. You may know yourself which colours and styles suit you. If your friends are honest and give you feedback you can enrol their help in developing a sense of what looks right on you. If your friends aren't always a help in this way then look for more subtle clues when you meet people. You will find that people just seem a lot more favourable towards you when your style is 'you'. Your clothes need to accentuate your personality.


If you have beautiful hair and skin then achieving style on a budget is not hard. You just need to highlight these strengths with modest use of cosmetics or hair accessories. Magazines tend to be full of articles about maximising your potential by wearing the right type of clothes for your shape. For example if you are big-busted then avoid wrap-around dresses.


Once you recognise what suits you then shop around for bargains both in apparel and accessories. Ebay and auction sites offer many bargains and there is a huge range of jewellery, bags and clothes. Shoes should really only be purchased new in a shop because you need to feel comfortable in your footwear to achieve a sense of style. But you can shop around at jumble-sales, discount outlets and warehouses for practically everything else. Take care to buy the right size.


If you are good on a sewing-machine you can add various personalised features such as cuffs or extra pockets to your clothes. But nearly anyone can take some unusual buttons from a second-hand outfit and add them to something standard that has been have grabbed for a bragain.


When you are wearing an outfit then try to set a theme which runs through the outfit. This makes your appearance look really special. For example, if you like buterflies, then you could attach a butterfly brooch to a plain blouse. Then you could wear a butterfly hair-pin in your hair. Then without overdoing it with the buterflies, consider using a neck-scarf of the same colour too. Always try to match your handbag with your shoes too.


If you really want ot achieve a highly glamorous look, it is now possible to hire handbags and outfits for a certain length of time. though this may seem expensive, it is a fraction of the cost of buying an expensive handbag and then hardly using it.


Last but not least, always make sure your clothese are clean and neatly pressed. Never ever wear anything with a blemish or stain on. Consider taking wipes out with you in your handbag just in case you do spill something on your clothes. Always keep your shoes clean and well-heeled.


You don't have to spend a lot of money to look like a million bucks. If you have a million dollars, great! If you're like the rest of us who want to look chic without using the grocery money to get a great pair of shoes, rest assured it can be done. Here are some tips on ways to maximize your style on a budget:

Shop with the seasons. You want to have balance in your wardrobe; clothes for all types of weather.

Spread your shopping throughout the year to increase variety and keep your look updated and fresh. Spending a little bit of money every few months can be easier on the checkbook than shattering your bank account a couple of times a year.

Look for sales. There's sure to be some price slashing when it's time for back-to-school or Black Friday, but keep in mind there are sales throughout the year as well. Make sure you read those Saturday morning flyers; you never know when a surprise sidewalk sale is going to pop up at your local mall!

Go Vintage. Check out consignment and second-hand shops, especially those that get their clothes from the "upper west side" of town. You'll get some fantastic bargains on really great clothes.

Shop with cash, and leave the credit cards at home. The interest you can build up before you repay what you spent can end up costing you double or even triple the original purchase price.

Love it or leave it. If you don't feel amazing when you're looking at that dress in the fitting room mirror, leave it at the store. Buying an item that you're not sure about may lead to it getting buried at the back of your closet, never to see the light of day again. If you decide to pass on something but can't stop thinking about it all week, you can always go back and get it.

Mix and Match your pieces so you can go from day to night with the drop of a hator jacket. That slinky top that is perfect for going clubbing can double up on office duty under your suit jacket. You'll get more than your money's worth for items that are versatile.

Splurge on a few key pieces like a great pair of black slacks, dark denim jeans and a flirty blouse. Well-made clothes tend to cost a bit more but they are made with higher quality fabric and will last longer. For these more expensive pieces, choose timeless styles that will still look fashionable years from now. If they start to feel a bit conservative in appearance, don't worry, there are ways to dress them up. See the next point:

Accessorize! Scoop up the latest trend in bangles, earrings and necklaces at the mall. Grab a few pieces of bold costume jewelry that will add character or a punch of color to your outfits. You can spend just a few dollars on pieces that look expensive but aren't.

Buy clothes that fit you now. We all want to lose that last 10 pounds, but buying clothes that will fit us in a couple of months isn't practical. Stick what looks great on you today, and save the reward clothes for when you can wear them home from the store.